Friday, May 17, 2013


My 6 month (or longer) hiatus from blogging can be summed up in one word...BLUR.
Blur, blur, blur. 

Life has a way of passing, and quickly, I've discovered. 
Who has time to blog when everything's a blur. 

And I thank God that things have been good in the blur. We have been stretched (and stressed) and life has often been messy, but God has been good to us all along.  Marin and Graham are amazing me with their deep thoughts and maturity and Levi is finally starting to communicate. He is turning into a kid, no longer a baby, and full of vigor.  He still loves his blanket and has a callous on his thumb from sucking it (and a crooked tooth).  He's in love with balls and cars and food, no surprise there.  He throws everything, especially his food, although he's thankfully growing out of that one.  I'm forgetting so much about him already.  Like how he army crawled forever and didn't really crawl until 15 months.  And didn't walk until 18 months.  Like how his first words were "all done" and how he went through a phase where every time I got him from his crib, he would point to the house behind us and say "Dog, Ruff Ruff."  I think he was just so happy to be able to communicate something, even if it was a bark.  He may be the feistiest of the bunch though. I don't remember the others throwing such tantrums, but again, he's getting better about that now too.  His voice is adorable, especially when he says "I don't know," which is almost always the answer when I ask where something is.  And he joins in with the others in yelling, "Daddy" when Jeremy comes home.  

Marin has been telling us all lately that we're embarrassing her.  I thought you had to be at least 9-ish before those words came out of your mouth.  But in little girl fashion, she still plays with stuffed animals and even had a crisis (in tears) about knowing only how to play with animals, not dolls.  We had some doll practice and now she's a pro.  She loves loves loves going to school and is reading like crazy. I love how she turns into a little adult if anyone just gets down at eye level and talks to her. She loves gathering things from nature and making anything and everything out of it. Tactile...Marin in a word.  She needs to feel it, squish it up, and make a crazy mess out of it.  It's really too bad that her mother is so play-dough averse.  Poor girl was made to live in the country, roaming free.  
Graham, genuine as ever, explains things in the cutest way you've ever seen. If you really get him going (hand motions and all), it'll be all you can do not to laugh.  Especially because of his lisp. It's a good thing he's so cute to make up for his butterfingers.  I've never seen anything like him when it comes to spills.  If there's a way to spill it, Graham's done it. It's truly remarkable - 'nuf said.  I love how he always says "Bam" (as in, voila) and how he still asks me to "Get the bads out" at night, which is my cue to tickle him like crazy.  He loves being tickled and we love tickling him. Poor kid had to get glasses this year and lost his first pair in 2 months.  Things are always sunny when he's around.  That is, of course, unless he's fighting with Marin, which seldom happens.  So seldom that I've bought a peacemaking curriculum to work through with them this summer :)  Lord help us.  

 Since I can't possibly make up for all the blogging I've missed in this last year.  Some highlights.  Maybe, it's better this way...just the important stuff. Like our Frio River trip. River + rope swing + friends + moving stones around to make chutes and rapids + Graham's birthday +campfire = fun.  I "camped" in the cabin with Marin while Graham and dad actually camped.  Jeremy said that Graham talked in the tent for hours and that he wanted to go to sleep but couldn't bear to tell Graham to stop talking. 

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